Marketing Magazines: A New Approach

Not too long ago I was approached by a publisher who aggregates and sells subscriptions to Marketing Magazines for a partnership opportunity.  As the owner of, I get approached by dozens of vendors on a weekly basis to showcase and promote their products.  And truthfully my process of evaluation, should I work with them or not, is rather simple.  

If I don't use the product, have never bought from the company, or wouldn't purchase the product for personal or professional use, I simply move on.  Of course the next step is to discuss terms, business philosophy, and so on, but you have to start from a good place.  I think this is one of the reasons why the site has become so popular over the last few years - readers see through the promotion and see that I provide real value.

Marketing Magazines?
Okay, so what's the deal with marketing magazines and why is this the topic of today's post?  The reason I chose this vendor to showcase is because I liked their approach to marketing so much, that I actually partnered with them via MarketingScoop to feature their marketing magazines.  Not only do they provide a comprehensive offering, but they have enhanced their business model to offer a number of cost-free magazines and marketing white papers to prospective customers.

For example, check out the following offer for a free report from IBM on "11 Key Marketing Trends for 2011".  By giving away valuable information, TradePub builds long term relationships and delivers for customers. This is a great marketing tactic and one that earns Kudos in my book:
11 Key Marketing Trends for 2011
Receive Your Complimentary Survey Report NOW!

"11 Key Marketing Trends for 2011"
See how marketers are looking for ways to turn more marketing possibilities into better marketing results.
“More” is certainly the key word for our times. But, as the results of IBM's annual survey of marketers reveal, the proliferation of marketing channels and the concomitant explosion of data pose a wealth of challenges for marketers in 2011.
Offered Free by: IBM Corporation
Other Resources from: IBM Corporation
Attract Customers With Free Offers
This is a great example of a great way to attract new customers.  Not with some useless gimmick, but to actually provide something of value.  In exchange, people are often willing to give you something in return.  This may be their name and/or permission to market to them.

You can do this with more than informational products.  Think of the ice cream store that offers a free sample or the software solution that gives you a 30-day free trial.  What can you offer to attract customers to your business?  Maybe its a portion of the service you offer for no cost or a reduced fee.  Or, it could be access to information that you possess based on your years of experience or expertise.

Regardless of what it is you have to offer, focus on providing something of true value.  As I mentioned before, consumers are not easily fooled.  Additionally, word will spread quickly in either direction.  If your offer is good, people will share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  This is also true of a bad user experience or an offer that doesn't live up to its claims.

Move From Idea to Practice
As a take-a-way from today's post, consider what you will be offering in exchange for customer information in the form of a newsletter sign-up or registration.  If it's something you already have available, how will you host and deliver it?  Do some research online to find the best way to package and distribute your offer.  The goal is to ask for something in exchange, even if it's just an email.

As always, once you launch a campaign, be sure to measure the outcome.  You may also want to test different offers.  Basic A/B split tests or running campaigns one week at a time, and comparing the results, is essential for improving campaign effectiveness.