Making Money Online: It's Possible

This morning I was listening to the news and it was depressing:unemployment, protests, war – it’s no wonder why I avoid the news.  But for Internet marketers, this is one ofthe best times in history to make money online. Thanks to Internet enabled devices and a hunger for online products,information, and expertise, the market has never been better for making aliving online.    

I can tell you that most of us who are marketing today didn’t have a lot tostart with.  In fact, many of today’s“super affiliates” are young guys in their 20’s and 30’s who started fromscratch.

Personally speaking, I’ve had to deal with many of the same obstacles when Ifirst started promoting products and services online as newbies facetoday.  But with some experience and agood deal of trial and error, you can make small distinctions that candramatically improve results. I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t be anexpert at everything.  As such, I’veworked hard to build my network or mentors and resources to learn what worksand what doesn’t.  Whether you’reconnecting with people via an Internet marketing forum, global success club, ormentor network, it’s easier than ever to find people who can help you overcomemany of the obstacles associated with being an Internet marketer.  

Generating Profitable Campaigns

If you’re doing any online advertising, it’s incredibly important that youfocus on Return On Investment (ROI). I’ve learned that maximizing ROI is as much about managing expenses asit is generating revenue.  Working with amentor or someone who’s already running profitable online campaigns can helpyou improve your results.  This is especiallyimportant when you’re just getting started. If you’re barely managing to breakeven on your campaigns, the best way to turn it around is to model those whoare marketing profitably.  The best, andfastest way to do this, is to find a mentor or network of like-minded peoplewho are already getting results.

One of the techniques that I’ve used to generate profitable campaigns is tofocus on small niche markets.  A popularmistake that Internet marketers make is trying to be all things to all people.  If you think you’re going to strike it richwith an info product your first time out, you’re mistaken.  I’m not saying it’s possible, but the oddsare certainly against you.  There’s amuch better chance of earning a profit if you build a house list around aspecific topic (ex: piano repair) and have a specific unique offer.  Your mind should naturally be focused oncornering small markets if you want to succeed.  

Another example would be if you’re looking to promote an information productabout dating on a small budget.  Firstyou need to make yourself familiar with the niche markets where it would bepossible to generate some profit with hifhly targeted and low volume,campaign.  Those niche markets might be “SingleParent Dating”, “Dating 40+”, etc. …these are all great distinctions that youshould be making before you jump the gun and invest countless hours without anypositive return.

Learn From Others

Networking with or leveraging the lessons of heavyweight affiliates is the primarykey to success for those who are just starting out in online marketing.  If you can’t compete with their large budgets,compete on a smaller scale.  Don’t try toattract the entire market, focus on a small market niche. Focus on the details!  Many of the top-earning marketers don’t havetime to focus on these small markets, meaning there is still money to bemade.  This is your opportunity to own asmall territory that others aren’t able to cover.

It’s important to make every penny count while you’re still dealing with asmall budget.  Look for ways to partnerwith influencers in your niche through products, interviews, and other contentthat might add value to their websites or blogs.  In my opinion, it’s really no longer possibleto fill your boots with overnight riches by going straight for the kill in hugemainstream markets. You need to operate on the borders, obtain profit where themarkets aren’t so flooded, and dig deeper to grow your business.  

Not only is it important to grow your business but growing yourself as aperson and Internet marketer will ultimately reap huge benefits for yourbusiness.  From my personal experience learningfrom others has helped a great deal.   Iencourage you to work with others to improve your knowledge and mindset.  Learn more about entrepreneurial networks at Global Success.