Article Marketing Made Simple

A lot has changed in Internet marketing.  And each time a change happens, the pendulum seems to swing entirely in the other direction.  As an experienced marketer, I have seen this happen time and again.  So when my inner circle asked me why I was publishing another book, this time focused on article marketing, I couldn't help but shout emphatically, "Article marketing is NOT dead."  In fact, those who seize the moment will find themselves ahead of the pack when it comes to this powerful form of Internet marketing.

Article Marketing Made Simple
After publishing my first book, SEO Made Simple (now in it's second edition), I received tons of inquiries about the powerful search engine optimization methods I reveal in the guide.  As such, I felt compelled to start a series of publications that take a deep dive - showing exactly how I use my preferred SEO techniques for achieving number one Google Rankings.  My first book in the series is Article Marketing Made SimpleInstead of going old-school, this series will be available in digital format only.

With recent changes to the google algorithm, article marketing websites and directories have become less valuable in the Internet marketing space, or have they?  The reality is that Google still loves original content.  You just need to be more discerning in terms of where the content is placed and how it gets distributed.

What You'll Learn
In this 'tell all' guide, I show you step-by-step, how to use original content to improve your website rankings and earn an affiliate income.  Through the proper mix of keyword rich content and effective article marketing techniques, you can have top rankings for your website and blogs while earning commissions for selling online products and services.

The key to effective article marketing really has to do with unique content.  You should always strive to have your content be at least 40% unique and claim it before distributing to other sites.  I reveal some very effective techniques for getting your content on other blogs and websites, driving quality inbound links to a web property of your choosing.

One of the best aspects of article marketing is the level of authority you can create for your personal brand and digital assets. Whether you are trying to improve the rankings of your videos, squeeze pages, or search results associated with your name, article marketing can get you there.

Don't Believe the Hype
There's no doubt in my mind that you are going to hear people saying, "Article marketing is dead" or "article marketing doesn't work."  Well, just because it didn't work for them is really poor justification for dismissing the subject of article marketing.  In fact, I know plenty of Internet marketers who are using original content daily to deliver a large stream of affiliate revenue to their bank accounts and deliver top rankings.  I happen to be one of them!  Top 10 lists, product reviews, and blog posts are all elements of an effective article marketing strategy and I'll show you how to leverage these techniques for meaningful results.

Download a copy of Article Marketing Made Simple today and start building authority to your website or blog.  You'll also discover my top affiliate marketing strategies using articles and other informational techniques.